david-taberAbout David L. Taber

David Taber is a business entrepreneur who has owned and operated successful insurance business enterprises since 1982. David’s career includes implementing, marketing and managing growth in diverse organizations. He has a stellar reputation in the insurance and annuity industry having developed hundreds of loyal clients during his 40 year career offering advice and guidance as a licensed insurance and annuity agent.

David emphasizes honesty and integrity in his personal and business relationships, while delivering efficient service and ensuring unsurpassed client satisfaction and business retention. He excels in communication skills and technical knowledge and enjoys engaging in comprehensive analysis and needs oriented problem solving. His calm demeanor combined with clear, concise and deliberate communication skills help his clients to be confident that their purchase decisions are sound and supported by clear reasoning.


Key Areas of Expertise

Client Interaction • Financial Analysis and Planning • Implementation of Selected Plan • Creative Concepts • Financial Analysis and Reporting • Concise Illustration of Insurance or Annuity Plan • Clear Analysis of Insurance Options