Florida Group Health Insurance

Florida group health insurance plans for any size group. As Independent agents we negotiate optimally priced insurance contracts for you with a wide variety of nationally recognized and highly rated insurance and reinsurance carriers.

Health Insurance Plans For Any Sized Group

We can help you obtain affordable Florida group health insurance for groups of two or more employees, or groups of 100 or more.

Taber Financial Services Inc. offers 25 years of specialization in a unique alternative funding approach to delivering group health insurance. This innovative concept called “Limited Self-Funding” offers your firm the opportunity to control and manage the costs of its benefit plan. As an alternative to traditional fully-insured group health coverage, the Limited Self-Funding program limits the involvement of an insurance company to insuring extraordinary losses. This reduces overhead, margins and resource allocation, resulting in significant economic and risk management advantages to you. Contact one of our experienced independent agents today to learn all your options before you insure.

As independent agents we make the top health insurance companies in the state of Florida (Golden Rule/United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of FL, Assurant, Aetna, Humana, etc.) compete for your business to provide you the best rates!

If you prefer you can go to each insurance company’s website directly, but the quoted premiums will be exactly the same. Insurance premiums are set by the insurance company and regulated by the state of Florida. The premium that you pay will be exactly the same whether you go to the insurance company directly or use an independent agent/broker like us. Trust Taber Financial Services Inc., an established independent agency, to figure out the optimal solution for your unique situation.

Florida group medical insurance is much simpler to acquire than individual health insurance due to the fact that typically there is not as much scrutiny towards an applicants health history and pre-existing conditions. This may be good or bad depending on your present health condition. If you have a major pre-existing condition, a group plan allows you to obtain medical insurance when you would be declined if you tried to obtain individual medical insurance. From a financial standpoint, if you are a generally healthy person, you are paying a higher premium cost for group medical insurance.

A typical misconception about group health insurance in Florida is that it is less expensive than FL individual health insurance. The actual premium of a Florida small group health insurance plan is higher, but since the employer is required to pay a portion of the employee’s group medical insurance, the employee’s portion is smaller. If you can get on your employers plan that is usually your best option.

An employer may, but is not required to contribute to an employee’s spouse and/or childrens medical insurance premium. If the employer does not, your spouse and child will be able to get a lower rate with an individual FL health insurance plan.

Eligibility requirements vary from one carrier to another. Typical requirements include:

  • Company must have been in business for at least 2 weeks to 24 months (depending on the carrier).
  • Must have at least 2 or more full-time employees.
  • 50-75% of eligible employees must be enrolled (depending on the carrier).
  • In addition to the enrollment forms you must also submit your most recent UCT-6 and copies of your articles of incorporation.

We look forward to developing a lasting business relationship and serving your employee benefit planning needs. Give us a call anytime.