Florida Individual Insurance

We are dedicated to helping you protect your assets as well as your health. Health Plans Inc. offers creative health and life insurance plan design concepts for optimal client savings and unsurpassed client satisfaction.

Protect Family Assets and Create Wealth

Taber Financial Services Inc.’s extensive market research and resulting carrier selection ensure optimal pricing of the highest quality programs. Let our experts save and make you money, while protecting your assets.

Did you know life insurance can earn cash value? Learn how life insurance can help you build assets for your family, education, charities, and help you leave money to your heirs instead of the IRS.

Finding individual health insurance for your family can be confusing. Give us a call (239-394-1800) today to speak with a knowledgeable and Florida friendly agent, or contact us via e-mail. The latest generation of health care benefits offers affordable, flexible coverage for you and your family. We can show you solutions that help you stay healthy and in control of your health care options.

We proudly offer a comprehensive array of health insurance policies for individuals and groups.