Florida Individual Life Insurance

Taber Financial Services Inc. offers Individual Life insurance plans that can benefit you and your family substantially. Life insurance can help you build assets for your family, education, charities, and help you leave money to your heirs instead of the IRS. You will rest easy knowing your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of a death. Give us a call (239) 394-1800.

Life insurance or life assurance is simply a contract between you and the insurer. The insurer agrees to pay designated beneficiaries typically a lump sum of money upon death or terminal illness. You agree to pay a certain amount, usually in monthly or yearly intervals, for the assurance.

Life Insurance Policy Loan

Most permanent life insurance policies have the option to borrow from the cash value of the policy in the form of a loan. The amount borrowed from the cash value affects the amount of dividends you will receive. Any unpaid loans, along with accumulated interest, will be deducted from the proceeds at death or if the policy is surrendered prior to death.

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